Garage & Storage Room Organization Systems Explained

Do you have a messy, disorganized garage? 

Are you ready to use your garage (or storage) again for parking your car finally ready to store your items and get to them easily? Well then, let's get started! 

First thing is first, let's talk about the TYPES of organizing and storage systems that are out there.  The list can be exhausting with new products coming out all the time so we have simplified the types into 3 categories.

3 Types of Garage & Storage Room Organizing Systems

(1) The Light & Economical System

Explained: used in pantries for the overflow items, closets, offices.  They are usually 14-24 inches deep.  They don't keep their value as well.

Pros: inexpensive, readily available 

Cons: not as durable (usually plastic or light weight metal) holds lower weight items and the bins that fit are very small


(2) Everyday Use System

Explained: Great for everyday use.  They are usually 24 inches deep.  Good for resale value.  

Pros: holds a good amount of weight (usually 200 lbs. - 300 lbs. per shelf).  Most garage bins are designed for this type of shelving unit.  

Cons: Not great for super heavy items.  Hardest to find in stock at the local store. 


(3) Heavy-duty/Commercial System

Explained: great for business use, heavy items, permanent locations.  They are at a minimum 24 inches deep, hard to sell but they keep their value.

Pros: durable

Cons: the most expensive, needs careful installation, not as easy to move.  


Now that we have covered the types of systems out there, next is deciding which system works with what you have. Think about what you will use your garage and storage room for.  If that area is going to be used as an every day space to park your car, put seasonal items and bins, then an Everyday System is perfect.  If you plan on using this space for commercial purposes or placing heavier items, then the Commercial System will work great for you.  But if you just need a quick and easy solution for light weight items, then don't worry about spending money on an expensive item, get something that's Light & Economical.  

Need a little more help deciding what type of products are out there? Hire us for an organizing session!

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